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Minto Joker - Still playing hard to get!


It's Joker time again and this week's winner was very organised.  Brian Cureton wrote the position of the card he wanted flipped on his envelope.  Brian chose card B7 bur when drawmaster Gary McDonagh turned it over it revealed only the 7 of Spades.  So that's twenty weeks gone and still no sign of our friendly joker.  Brian wins £13 and the jackpot rises to £293 for the draw next Monday.  Just think what you could do with £293. 

It's surely worth getting the £1 coins out of the safe and in into a Minto envelope.

All we need is a £1, your name and teephone number.  If you want to add the card you want flipped, please feel free to write that as well.  Study the photograph of the board below to see what is available.  If your name is drawn the odds are now 1 in 33 to find the Joker.

The next draw will take place on Monday 28th August with results going up on the Club Facebook page as soon as possible threafter with the website following along soon after.



Week 19 result

Just a quick text update this week as we don't have a picture of the board.  If we did have a picture it would just show another standard card overturned in position F7.  The Jack of Spades showed his face when Flora Kerr asked for that card to be flipped.  Flora wins £15 and the jackpot rises to £280. 

The Joker must be found sometime; your chances of winning get better every week if you're name is drawn from the box.  Give your £1 coins a day out and make your entries for next Monday's draw.  The odds are now one chance in thirty four.  That must be worth a flutter.

The Draw takes place around 5pm on a Monday with the outcome on the Club's Facebook page as soon as possible thereafter


Week 18 result

It was another week when we had a second time weekly winner - Mary Glendinning, but it was also another week when the Joker decided not to come out to play.  It was however, a bumper week for entries as there were two Opens played at the Club last week and that helped Mary to win £26.  Mary asked for card H4 to be turned. 

The tension rose as the card was flipped to reveal .... the 4 of Spades.

Where is the Joker?.  Perhaps you can find it now there are only 36 remaining to be flipped.  The Jackpot on Monday 14th August will be £265.  This really is worth winning.  Get you £s out and enter now.

The current state of the board is shown below:

joker 070817



Week 17 result

It's very nearly draw time again.  This Monday (7th August) the jackpot will be a stonking £240.  Sorry for the delay in highlighting last Monday's winner until now.  On Monday 31st July, Ross Pringle was the weekly winner, earning himself £12.  Ross chose to turnover the card in position D3 which revealed the King of Clubs, unfortunately not the elusive and shy Joker.  Get your £1 coins out - it's a great opportunity to put your old £1 coins to good use.  Remember they cease to be legal tender on 15th October. 

The result of the weekly draw appears first on Minto Golf Club's Facebook page sometime after 5pm on a Monday although the lucky weekly winner will get a phone call and a chance to flip a card before anything appears.

There are fewer and fewer cards remaining on the board which now looks like this: 17 cards have been selected so far, only 37 remain and one of them is the Joker.  Good luck!

joker 31 07 17


Week 16 result

Another second time weekly winner today - Pim McDonnell - but not even a first time Joker.  Pim wins £14 and the jackpot rises to £229 next week.  Pim chose to turn over the card sitting at A5 but all he found was the 9 of Spades.  The joker remains well and truly hidden.  Open your purses and wallets, get your money out and enter next week's draw.

The odds reduce again - this time you have 1 chance in 37 if you are picked out of the hat.  You can increase your chances of being picked out of the perspex box by buying extra chances - just £1 an envelope.

Someone's got to to win - you can't win if you don't play

The board now looks like this

joker 240717



Week 15 result

A bit of Shakespeare this week to highlight the fact that the Joker is still playing hard to get.  Tam Glendinning got the weekly jackpot of £16 but the card he flipped - E2 - revealed the 4 of Clubs.  The jackpot rises again and now stands at £215.  That must be worth a flutter or four.  Seek out the pound coins - old or new - and transfer them to envelopes on the bar.  Write your name and telephone number on the envelopes and drop tem in the perspex case ready for Gary to select a lucky winner next Monday.

Here's the board after tonight s draw

joker 170717

Week 14 result

Fourteen weeks have gone by since we started the search and still no show from the Joker (it is in there somewhere.....).  We had another repeat winner this week - Charlie Oliver - who gets £10.  Charlie asked for card G6 to be flipped which revealed the 7 of Diamonds!   We are now at a jackpot of £199 for next weeks draw.   Put your old pound coins to work; they will not be legal tender later this year.  Nearly £200 is worth a flutter of a £1 or three.

The odds get better again: 39-1 next week. 

Current state of the board is shown below:

joker 100717

Week 13 Result

We've been searching for that elusive Joker for 13 weeks now and we continue to be led a merry dance.  The winner this week, 3rd July, was Margaret Bland who earns £16 for herself.  Margaret asked for card D4 to be flipped.  Flipped it was, only to reveal the three of clubs.  The jackpot therefore rises again and £189 will be on offer next Monday.  As drawmaster Gary McDonagh observes on the Club's Facebook Page, that sum will come in very handy as a contribution towards next year's Club subscription.

The odds get better again: 40-1 next week.  Get your £s ready.


joker 030717




Week 12 Result

It's week 12 and the Minto Joker continues to play hide and seek and once again it's Joker 1 Minto 0.  Pim McDonnell, last year's Club Captain,  was given the chance to unearth the fiend this week.  Pim asked for Card F5 to be revealed.  When Gary turned it over it showed the Ace of Clubs.  Pim wins £13, the Golf Club continues to benefit and the jackpot rises to £174.  This really is a sum of money worth winning so get out your £1 coins and write your name and telephone number on an envelope before putting it in the glass box.  The odds are 41-1

The updated board is shown below:

joker 260617


Week 11 Result

There was £15 in the kitty for this weeks Joker winner, Helen Todd who becomes the second repeat winner of the weekly draw.  However, on Monday 19th June, Helen was unable to find the elusive Joker as she asked for card H1 to be turned over.  This revealed the 7 of Hearts. 

The jackpot rises again to £162.  The chances of winning get better every week so enter now for the next Draw on Monday 26th June.  The Club benefits from your participation so just put a £1 in an envelope or lots of pounds in lost of envelopes and take the opportunity to be a winner.

The board now looks like this:

joker 190617



Week 10 Result

It's week 10 of the Minto Joker search but the weather kept the punters away from the Clubhouse last week so the weekly jackpot this week is fairly small at only £7.  While the sun hid away so did the Joker when Monday's winner Joyce Michie chose a card to turn.  Joyce opted for card A7 and found the 8 of spades when it was turned over.  The jackpot therefore rises again to £147, a tidy sum of money that would be worth winning.

Odds are now 1 in 43, probably enough to tempt a few more people to part with a £1 or two in the Clubhouse this week.  Just put the money in the small envelope, write your name and phone number on the envelope and pop it in the glass box and you're in business.

The board is now as shown below.

joker 120617




Week 9 Result

Mary Glendinning was the lucky winner of the weekly Joker prize today (Monday 5th June).  Mary scooped £14 and asked for card B5 to be turned over.  This revealed the Queen of Diamonds which means the jackpot is now up to £140. The next draw is on Monday 12th June so get your entries in before then to be in with a chance.  As ever, your chances will be better next week, now it's 1 chance in 44

The board now looks like this:


joker 050617

Invest a £1 or two in the next seven days and you could walk away with £140 next week.

Week 8 Result

We had a first today (Monday 29th May) but it wasn't the first appearance of the Joker.  We had our first double individual winner when Viv Fairbairn's name was drawn out of the glass box.  Viv chose to turn over card A3.  An important card in many games was revealed - the Ace of Spades, but not the Joker we are looking for. 

Viv wins £13 and the Jackpot rises again to £127.

Entries cost just £1 and you can enter as many times as you wish.  Just put your  money in an envelope, write your name and phone number on the envelope and deposit the envelope in the glass box.  Someone's going to find the Joker.  It might be you.  Watch this pace next week.

The current state of the board is shown below:

joker 290517

Week 7 Result

Helen Todd was the winner of the Joker draw this week when Gary picked her name out of the glass box.  Helen selected card D5, but when it was turned over it revealed only the Two of Spades.  The Joker remains elusive and the Jackpot now rises to £114 for Monday 30th May. 

The chances of winning the Jackpot continue to improve every week.  It's one chance in 46 now.  Somebody's going to win it - it might be you.

joker 220517

Week 6 Result

The winner of the Minto Joker draw this week was Diane Hall who receives £16Diane chose the card at position D7.  Gary turned it to reveal the 10 of Clubs.  The Joker therefore remains hidden. Next Monday the Jackpot will be £101 and if your name gets drawn you have one chance in 47 of winning the big money.

If you are going to Race Night this evening why not put your winnings on the Joker.


joker 160517

Details of how to play are given below the Week1 results further down this page.

Week 5 Result

Viv Fairbairn's name was pulled from the hat in the latest draw for the Minto joker. Viv benefits by £12 and chose to turn the card at D1 to try and boost her winnings.  The Joker remained undetected as turning D1 revealed only the 2 of Diamonds.   The Jackpot rises once more to reach £85 should the Joker be found in the next Draw which will  take place in a couple of weeks time on Monday 15th May.  The Jackpot becomes more and more attractive as time goes on Your chances of winning the jackpot if your are drawn out of the hat is now 1 in 48 (47 normal cards left plus the Joker). 

Week 4 Result

Susan Law was the winner in the fourth draw of the Joker.  Susan wins £10.  She asked for card G7 to be turned and this revealed the King of Hearts, The Jackpot therefore rises again and now sits at £73.  The next draw is scheduled for Monday 1st May.  With the Jackpot rising now is the time to enter.  Your chances of winning the jackpot if your are drawn out of the hat is now 1 in 49 (48 normal cards left plus the Joker). 

joker 240417


Week 3 Result

Gordon Ferguson won the weekly prize in the Jackpot this week [week commencing 17th April]. Gordon wins £10, but he chose to flip card G1 which was the the ten of hearts.  The jackpot therefore rises again - this time to £63 . Next week's winner could be you. However, you have to be 'In It To Win It' as some catchphrase goes..   Just put £1 into an envelope and place it in the glass box at the Lounge bar entrance. You can put in as many envelopes as you wish. For more details about the Joker and names of winners so far, see the stories further below.



joker 170417

Week 2 Result

Congratulations to Janice Cambridge whose envelope was drawn out of the hat tonight.  Janice won £10 immediately but unfortunately she missed out on identifying the joker when she picked what turned out to be the eight of diamonds.  The jackpot now rises to £53 - next week's winner could be you.  Just put £1 into an envelope and place it in the glass box at the Lounge bar entrance. For more details about the Joker see the background below.

 joker 100417

Week 1 result

We have our first weekly winner on "Minto's Find The Joker"- congratulations to Charlie Oliver who wins £18. Unfortunately for Charlie, as the picture below shows, the card he turned was the 2 of Hearts. The hunt for the joker continues and the Jackpot is now up to £43 for next weeks draw!! If you are up at the club this week why not have a go, you might be lucky enough to find our Joker!! 

Income of £54 this week is split three ways, £18 to Charlie, £18 added to the jackpot and £18 to club development funds. With a bigger jackpot next week, it will be worth investing a £1 or two or more …



joker 020417

What's the Joker all about?

If you are wondering what the Joker is you can learn all about it in the Clubhouse you will notice a glass case to your right as you enter the Lounge Bar.  This is the home of the Minto Joker.  The Joker concept is used as a fund raising initiative by many Clubs like Minto.  The idea is simple.  52 cards plus 1 Joker are placed unseen face down inside the locked frame.  The cards are placed at random and blindly so no one knows the location of the Joker.

To participate you should place your name and phone number on one of the envelopes provided, insert your entry of £1 and place it inside the lockable ballot box below the glass frame.

Each Monday at 5pm entries for the previous week will close and a random envelope will be drawn from the box.

This entry drawn will automatically win the weekly cash prize and the entrant will get a chance to turn a card on the board.

jokerShould they turn the Joker they will win the Jackpot cash prize.  If they turn any other card over then that card will be written with weekly winner's name and placed face up on the board.  The Jackpot will rollover to the next week until it is won.

There is no limit to the number of entries you can make in any one week.

First draw on Monday 3rd April

The prize fund will be divided as follows: one third of weekly entries will go towards the prize for that week, one third will be added to the Jackpot and one third will go to the Club Development Fund.

The competition is open to 16 year-olds and over only

joker 1joker 2