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Gents Match v Langholm - Minto win!

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Minto Gents put their close defeat at Langholm behind them when they played a team from St Boswells at Minto on Thursday 15th June.  [Sorry for the delay in reporting the result].  This time it was Minto who triumphed by the odd match in five.  It was nearly rain stopped play as the heavens were wide open with torrential rain at the scheduled start time.  However, the rain relented and the match got underway a bit late.  I don't have the full breakdown of results but I do know the outcome of three of the rubbers.

The St Boswells team included Minto's greenkeeper Daniel Murdoch.  Daniel's Home Club is St Boswells where here he is Club Champion to go alongside his current Club Champion status at Minto.  However Gary McDonagh and Ross Nichol managed to defeat Daniel's pairing as Gary was holing putts from everywhere.

Minto partnership results as I have them:

Stewart Paisley & Andrew Limmer:  Loss

Gary McDonagh & Ross Nichol:  Win

Gordon Ferguson & Brian Allan: ?

Ross Pringle &  David Howden: ?

Angus Towers & Alan Armstrong: Win

Clearly pairs 3 and 4 earned 1 point between them to gemnerate a Minto win by 3 to 2.

Two matches remain, one against Lauder on 6th July and one against Selkirk on 16th August. [I think]  Definitive dates and locations are on the sheet in the Changing Room.    Please indicate your availability on the those sheets.

Match v Langholm - 4th June

The Gents began their series of matches against local clubs with a trip to Langholm today, Sunday 4th June.   Each Club fielded five pairs and fortunes fluctuated throughout the afternoon..  Ties 1, 2 and 5 all came back to the Clubhouse together and results showed Langholm leading 2-1 at that point.  Tie 2 was the next one in and that resulted in a win for Minto, so all depended on the result of Tie 4.  When Tie 4 came through the door the finished players from both teams looked expectantly at the faces to try and read the body language to see who had won.

In the event it was Langholm who won Tie 4 to take the Match 3-2.

Full results are shown below, everyone enjoyed themselves .  Some golfers had a good day, some not so good but the company was excellent, the course was in first class condition and the meal hit the spot.

For Tie 2, Stewart Paisley was very clear that it was David Howden who beat Langholm.  David was holing putts from all over the greens all afternoon.

Eddie Berridge fell foul of a nasty bramble towards the end of Tie 5 but lives to tell the tale.

For Tie 4, Langholm fielded a very talented 13 year old who more than played his part in his team's win.

For those who haven't played Langholm, it is a challenging course with hardly a flat lie or stance anywhere on the Course.  Local knowledge is important but that is probably true of all courses in the Borders.  The views from all over the course are very impressive.







Iain Oliver & Daniel Murdoch



A Porteous & S Tweddle



Stewart Paisley & David Howden



G Porteous & A Paisley Snr

1 up

Gary McDonagh & Ross Pringle



B Porteous & I Borthwick

John Law & Gordon Ferguson



K Irving & C Jeffery


Eddie Berridge & Duncan Shiell



D Little & J Murray





There are three matches still to play this year.  These matches are an enjoyable way of playing other Borders courses in a friendly atmosphere. All matches are played off handicaps so all Gents and Senior Gents members are very welcome to play.  Please sign up in the Changing Room.  The next match is against St Boswells at Home, 5;30 pm Thursday 15th June.  You can also sign up for Lauder now nd a sheet for Selkirk will follow soon.  The Selkirk Match is tentativelt scheduled for Wednesday 16th August.




The team currently is:

Stewart Paisley

Gary McDonagh

Iain Oliver

John Law

Ross Pringle

David Howden

Gordon Ferguson

Daniel Murdoch

Duncan Shiell


The tenth member could be YOU!  Please e-mail webmaster@mintogolf.co.uk if you can play.  Thanks