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Joker - Early May Draw

joker 120519The most recent Joker draw took place last Sunday, 12th May when the lucky winner was one of the Carvery regulars Danielle Johnstone, picking up a win of £14, Danielle chose card G5 which revealed the 8 Diamonds. The jackpot climbs to £214 with the next draw on Monday 27th May. 

For an enlargement of the board to see what cards are available see bleow:


joker 120519


April 2019

The Golf Club is surging into spring and summer life and the renewed activity has woken the Joker from his slumbers.  He's still being coy though. The latest draw has taken place and our winner is Sarah Cross who wins £14 and a chance to flip a card, Sarah chose A1 which revealed the 9 clubs meaning our jackpot climbs to £200 for the next draw on Monday 29th April. 

To see the current state of the board view the enlarged picture below


joker 150419


December 2018

With the course being fairly quiet at the moment the Joker has been hibernating, but he stirred a little bit last Monday (17th December) before resuming his slumbers until February.  The winner on Monday was David Squirrell.  David wins £18 and chose to turn card C2 which revealed the 2 of spades meaning our jackpot climbs to £159 and the Joker can resume his slumbers.  Our next draw will take place on Monday 11th February before moving into more frequent draws when the season starts.

David's prize is held behind the bar and can be retrieved if there is a Club official in the Clubhouse.

Remember if you want a chance to win you need to put your pound coins in an envelope and into the box in the Clubhouse.  During the winter the clubhouse is open from 9am-3pm so plenty time to get your entries in.  The Course is in good condition, so come along and play some golf.

The current state of the board is shown below:

Also running at the moment, is the second chance to win a subscription to Minto and Scottish Golf / Borders Golf for 2019.  With the membership invoices having been sent out recently, this is an ideal opportunity to have your membership for just £5 (if you win).  Some of the 100 slots still remain - see the table as you enter the Lounge Bar.  Even if you have paid your sub you can still win it back.  Gon on - have a flutter!

joker 171218




Joker - Autumn 2018

This is a little bit of a catch up as we announce on the website, the winners of Draw 5 (24th September) and Draw 6 (24th October).  Last month Angus Towers won £9 when he picked card G6 which revealed the 7 of Spades.  That draw raised the jackpot to £132.  Yesterday, there was another draw where Ross Pringle's envelope was pulled out of the hat.  Ross wins £10.  He chose card D5 which flipped to.reveal the 6 of Spades.

The jackpot rises to £142 and the board now looks like this.  The next Draw will take place on 17th December, just in time for Christmas. 

Please note that with the new season coming up, there is one more chance to win £300 cash or your subscription for 2019.  There are still some slots left on the Draw table beside the Trophy Cabinet.  For only £5 you could get your 2019 golf paid for!

joker 241018


Joker 2 - Week 4  - 10th September

Jim Moffat was the winner in week 4 earning £14 for himself.  Jim turned over card A5 which proved to be the Ace of Diamonds.  So again, no joker.

After week 4, the board now looks like this:

joker 100918


Joker 2 - Week 3  - 27th August

After the third draw for Joke 2 on Monday 27th August, the jackpot has already broken the £100 barrier and risen to £110.  The elusive chap remains hidden after our barman Steven Beattie chose to flip card F2 to reveal the 2 of Diamonds.  Steven wins £16 for the week.  The next draw will be on Monday 10th September, so get hunting the £1 coins to enter. 

The Club benefits from each draw, as do you if you scoop the prize. 

A picture of the board after Monday's draw is shown below

joker 270818


Joker 2 - Week 2  - 13th August

Our second draw for Find the Joker 2 took place on Monday 13th August, when our lucky winner was Cherry Thom picking up £16, Cherry chose to flip card B2 which revealed the Jack of Spades so the Jackpot rolls over to the next draw on Monday 27th August and stands at £94. Two weeks to get your entries in.  Already the jackpot is worth winning.  To read about previous draws in this series see below.

Remember card B2 has now gone as well as D1


Joker 2 - Week 1 - 30th July

he next draw to find Joker 2 will take place this coming Monday 13th August.  One draw has been made so far in this series when Sharron McLean won £20 on 30th July.  Sharron chose  chose card D1 which revealed the 10 of Clubs. So the new Jackpot is £79 for the next draw.  Get your £s in.  The result of Monday's draw will appear first on the Club's Facebook page soon after the draw is made and the winner has been contacted. 

To see the current state of the board look immediately below:


joker 300718


New Joker launched

The next time you are in the Clubhouse you will notice that Captain and Drawmaster Gary McDonagh has dealt a fresh new pack of cards face down into the glass cabinet, which can only mean one thing - we go again to Find the Joker!!  The Jackpot starts at £60 for the first draw on Monday 30th July

The last game of Find the Joker distributed approximately £2200 worth or prizes to both the Jackpot and individual draw winners, but the big winner was the club as the money raised was used to purchase the following....


* New light fittings in toilets and changing rooms
* Plate Warmer for Kitchen
* 12 Pull Trolleys for the club to rent out
* 6 Electric Trolleys for the club to rent out
* Charging station for electric trolley batteries
* New Printer for Club Lounge Computer
* 4 Bain Marie Set for Kitchen/Catering
* Repairs to Stewards Flat before rental

Let’s hope the new board can generate as much money this time round!

You too can look as happy as Allan Learmonth did on Saturday when he received his £1,094 jackpot prize for the first Joker competition.

006 pd 2018

There is plenty of scope for choosing your card this week. You have 53 cards to choose from.  Get your money in before Monday 30th July.

new joker july 2018

The history of the Minto Joker competition to date and the path to £1,094 can be seen by clicking here