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Extraordinary General Meeting - 26th March

EGMAs mentioned in the Newsletter recently distributed and also available on the website, the Club has called an Extraordinary General Meeting for 7:30pm on Monday 26th March in the Clubhouse.  The papers for the EGM are available now behind the login. The proposals for the exact wording of Constitution changes has now been posted.  All papers are now in their final form..  Once you have logged in, go to the drop down Members and menu and click on EGM Papers, The papers are also now available in the Clubhouse Changing Rooms and Lounge Bar in a purple paper folder.  The folder in the Lounge Bar was placed beside the large yellow binder on the left as you enter the Bar.

None of the changes or additional material  are major, rather they are updates for greater clarity.  .

If you are a Club Member and not already registered on the website just click on Login and the on Don't have an account? and follow the instructions.  Once you have registered you can log in immediately.