Minto Joker - We have a winner!!


We have a winner!!!!  Gary couldn’t get in contact with Allan last night and when he did eventually hea,r he was already away from the club so the card was flipped tonight The Tuesday Stableford boys were up to watch Allan reveal the Joker under G4!! His reasoning for choosing that number was that he had just collected his new G400 golf clubs,  well done, Allan you’ve paid for most of them now too.

A name was drawn from the glass box yesterday evening.  Allan Learmonth envelope came out and he wins £61.  However, Gary was unable to contact Allan to find out what card Allan wants to turnover.  So this evening, probably before both go out to play in the Tuesday Stableford there will be a big reveal

joker winner



Week 42 results

We're now heading rapid;y to the £1,100 mark in the Joker purse as Alan Armstrong scooped £60 in the weekly draw today (Monday 25th June) without finding the Joker. Alan chose card G2, but that only revealed the 5 of Hearts. The jackpot rises to the dizzy heights of £1,094 for the next draw on Monday 9th July. There are only 11 cards left now  to find the joker.  See the full history and see what cards are left by looking at the stories and pictures below.

After tonight's draw, the board currently looks like this:

joker 250618

This is a seriously large jackpot now - we could all find a use for £1,094, so raid the piggy bank, empty all your pockets and fill out your envelope for the next draw in two week's time.  Somebody is going to win - try and make it you


Week 41 results

Well we'll break the £1,000 barrier at the next Joker draw on Monday 25th June.  This week's winner was Linda Geatons who earns £58  Linda chose to turn over card B4, which revealed the Jack of Clubs, so the jackpot rises to £1034.  Next draw is on Monday 25th June so 2 weeks to get your pound coins in. 

The tension rises as the number of cards left to turnover goes down by one each week.  As yet, we don't have a picture of the current board, but look at the picture for week 39 and omit card B4 from your range of choices.

Scour the house for your £ coins.  There has to be a winner some time - let it be you.

Week 40 results

It was the fortieth draw yesterday and still our comical friend leads us a merry dance.  Allan Swanston's envelope was drawn out of the plastic box so he got the chance for the big money prize.  Allan chose card F6 and the tension rose as the card was flipped to reveal ... the 9 of Diamonds. 

Allan won £54 from the weekly entry money and the jackpot rises to £976.  There are only thirteen cards left, somebody must win, so get out your £1 coins and enter for the next draw on Monday 11th June.

To help you choose, the remaining cards are shown below.

Good luck!

joker 280518


Week 39 results

Even the sunshine can’t bring the joker out of hiding!! Drawmaster Captain Gary McDonagh has been away for some time so we all knew today's draw would be a biggy.  It certainly was! 239 entrants which meant our lucky winner picked up a nice £80.  Well done to Lacey Smith c/o Julie & Craig Smith who is the weekly winner.  Gary phoned Julie and she chose card F3 which revealed the Queen of Spades.

The jackpot is now at a massive £922 for the next draw on Monday 28th May, with only 14 cards left to flip the odds of finding the joker are getting better.  There are new envelopes on order so will be at the club on Thursday as the last draw has left only about 30 in the box!

Sorry, but I haven't yet got a photograph of the current state of the board.  I'll put it up as soon as I get it.


Week 38 results

It's now over a year since we started the search for the Minto joker and still he remains tantalisingly out of sight  .This week we had a first time winner in Richard Allott who wins himself £40. Unfortunately for Richard his chosen card, B2, revealed the 10 of Diamonds.  The jackpot rises to £842 but you all have to wait until 14th May for the next draw as drawmaster Captain Gary McDonagh will be sunning himself on holiday until then.

There's therefore plenty time to get your envelopes in before the next draw.

There are only fifteen card left to be turned.  This week we turned over the thirty-eighth card, so we have fourteen normal cards and the joker still there.  If your name is drawn from the box, there is one chance in fifteen of winning the jackpot.  Get your pound coins out and go for it!

The picture below shows what cards are left.  Employ your x-ray vision and identify the joker.  Good luck!

joker 160418


Week 37 results

The golf competition season may have started but the joker's waiting till it gets a bit warmer before he shows his face. Ther weekly winner is Cherry Thom who wins £44, Cherry chose card A2 which revealed the 4 of Hearts meaning we continue to increase the jackpot to a massive £802!!

Our next draw will be in 2 weeks time on Monday 16th April so get your pound coins hunted out as there is only 16 cards left to flip.

Fifteen cards are normal suit cards but the joker really is there somewhere.  Perhaps u=you can find it.

The picture below shows the remaining cards:

joker 020418

Week 36 results

Another week, another tease.  Last night we had our Members evening.  Thanks to all who came along/  During the evening we had our 36th draw in an attempt to find the joker!   Our winner on the evening was John Campbell winning £44, John opted for card C3 which revealed the 9 of Hearts.

Our jackpot now climbs to a massive £759, with only 17 cards left to flip.  The next draw's winner will have a great chance of scooping the lot!! The next draw will be held on Monday 2nd April so just over 2 weeks to get your entries in.

To see which cards are left study the picture below and bring your X-ray powers to bear.

joker 140318

Week 35 results

Following this evening's draw (Monday26th February)  which was the 35th one since the search for the Joker began, there are still 18 cards left. The total drawn and the number left add to 53, one more than a standard pack so the Joker is still there somewhere.  We have a third rime winner of the weekly draw in Pim McDonnell.  I wonder how many envelopes he puts in each week?.  There were 136 envelopes in the draw this week.  .

Pim won £46 before he chose card F2.  This was turned to reveal the 5 of Clubs, so the Joker still slumbers on undisturbed.

The forthcoming Members Evening on Wednesday 14th March provides a great opportunity for a live draw, so put your money in the box and come along to the Clubhouse on that evening for an entertaining social evening and the change to win £716.

So far the joker has generated nearly £2,150 - one third of that has been paid in weekly prizes, one third has gone to Club funds and the remaining third forms the jackpot.  So far some of the Club's Joker money has been spent on a plate warmer in the kitchen and improved lighting in the Gents Changing Rooms.

To help you home in on the Joker's whereabouts, the board now looks like this:

joker 260218



Week 34 Results

After a slight delay to yesterday’s planned draw the lucky envelope was pulled out today, Tuesday 6th February, when our winner was Jock Henderson who pockets £39. Jock opted for card H2 in the hope of bagging the £632 that was on offer, unfortunately he flipped the 2 of Clubs so the Jackpot climbs again to a staggering £671

Our next draw will be Monday 26th February so plenty time to get the entries in, there are 19 cards left to turn and the Joker is under one of them.  How long can he keep hiding?

The current state of the board is shown below:

joker 060218

Week 33 Results

Perhaps the Joker's still recovering from festive seasons excesses or perhaps he is just shy.  Whatever the reason, he is still shunning the limelight and remains hidden after the first draw of the New Year.  There were 124 envelopes behind the plastic today and the one drawn had Keith Johnson's name on it.  Keith takes the weekly prize of £42 but his choice of E3 for the Joker only revealed the Jack of Diamonds. This means that the jackpot rises to £632 for the next draw on Monday 5th February (date changed becuase of recent Course closure) so get your entries in before then to be in with a chance of finding the elusive card.

£632 will come in handy at the end of January.  Get along to the Clubhouse in the next two weeks to place your entry.

The board now looks like this with twenty cards remaining

joker 150118

Week 32 Results

The Joker remains blissfully unaware of the Christmas and New Year celebrations approaching as he continues to lie facedown with his back to the punters.  Alec Trotter's envelope was drawn from the glass case today and he opted for card A1 to be turned over.  It was no Joker though as it turned out to be the 3 of Spades.  Alec wins £42 for himself and the Jackpot rises to the dizzy heights of £591 for the next draw which will be on 15th January.

The middle of January is always a good time to win some money. There are only 21 cards left to turn over so once you get drawn out of the hat. the chances of winning the big prize are getting better every week.

joker 181217

Week 31 Results

Are we going to have a fairy tale Christmas Draw in two weeks time?  It's still a possibility, as our demon remains camera shy again this week. Gary McDonagh has been multi-tasking these last few days.  Not only did he become Club Captain last week, but he played golf at the weekend and recorded yet another Winter League handicap increase [results to follow] and he still found time to draw the Joker winner today. 

Gary reports that roday, with help from Monica today our draw for Find the Joker took place this afternoon, Monica pulled out an envelope with a familiar name. Well done to Viv Fairbairn who wins a massive £41, Normally Viv helps with the draw,  so Gary's glad she wasn’t involved this week or we’d be calling a fix!!   Viv went for card F1 which revealed the 5 of Spades which means we go again on the 18th of December with a new Jackpot of £550!!!!!

The next draw will be the last one before Christmas.  It really would be a fairy tale ending to the year if someone won £550 in two weeks time..  That's a sum of money that can make someone very happy.  Throw your inhibitions away for a couple of weeks, dig deep and enter lots of times.

Thirty-one cards have  gone now, so just 21 normal cards plus the ever elusive Joker remain.

To help you with your choice next time, the board now looks like this.

joker 041217


Week 30 Results

Another draw goes by and still no joker! Our weekly winner is Darren McLean gaining his second win in the space of a few draws! Winning £35, Darren left a note on his envelope to pick any random card for him, not wanting the responsibility Gary  passed it over to chef Mark to pick a card, G5 was the chosen one and it revealed the 5 of Diamonds. Our jackpot is now a a very attractive £510 and the next draw is on Monday 4th December.

The Joker could yet play Santa Claus for somebody.  £510 goes a long way.  Also the weekly winnings are rising quite fast now so there's an extra reason to have a flutter.

Thirty cards have now been turned over.  Twenty three remain.  The Joker is hidden behind one of them.  Every entry benefits Club funds

The results of the Draw always appear first on the Club Facebook page where you can often find the first information about other Club activities.  You can see the Club's Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon on any page of the website.If you aren't on Facebook, it's worth joining - it's free.

The board now looks like this:

joker 201117

Week 29 Results

Gary McDonagh the Joker custodian reports now that we’ve moved into winter hours the draw is taking place every 2 weeks, however that hasn’t seemed to change the fact that the Joker doesn’t want to be found! This draw our winner was Marilyn Adams who pockets £27, Marilyn chose card F4 which revealed the 4 of Diamonds meaning that our jackpot rises again and is now at £475! Our next draw is on Monday 20th November so you’ve got plenty time to get your £1 entries in.  For an up-to-date picture of the board see below.

£475 really is a prize worth winning.  Hunt in the sofa, hunt in the car, oepn your purses, but find a few £s to see if YOU can find the Joker.

joker 061117

Week 28 Result

Yet another week goes by and still no show from the Joker, a huge number of entries this week meant our weekly winner. recent new member Darren McLean wins £29  Darren had studied the board in advance and wrote his card pick on the envelope  Darren chose B3 which when turned revealed the 9 of Clubs.

Our jackpot now stands at £449, enough to pay next years fees and possibly even have some spare change for a few drinks at the bar!!

Next draw is on Monday 6th November (now fortnightly due to winter hours) so plenty time to get your entries in.

Twenty eight cards have now been turned over.  Twenty five remain.  The Joker is hidden behind one of them.  Will you be the lucky one to find the Joker.  The only way to have a chance is enter, again and again ...  Every entry helps Club funds.

The results of the Draw always appear first on the Club Facebook page where you can often find the first information about other Club activities.  You can see the Club's Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon on any page of the website.If you aren't on Facebook, it's worth joining - it's free.

joker 231017

Week 27 Result

After a busy week at work Gary McDonagh was able to do the draw for the Joker today, Friday 13th October. Jim Geatons was the lucky weekly winner, earning himself £24.  However, Jim chose card H3 which when flipped revealed only the 10 of Spades.  The Joker could be heard laughing somewhere else on the board - but where?  The new jackpot stands at £421 for the next draw on Monday 23rd October (new £1 coins only please).

The jackpot is getting higher by the week - someone has got to win it and your chances get better every week (once you get through the preliminary draw to find the weekly winner).  The more entries you make the greater your chance of winning the weekly draw.

The current state of the board is shown below:

joker 091016

Week 26 Result

We are now half way through the pack with the 26th card being flipped on Monday 2nd October and still the Joker conceals himself.  Joyce Michie records her second individual win and receives £17.  Joyce also won in weekend with a more modest £7.  Joyce opted for card A6 which revealed the 6 of Spades meaning our jackpot is now at £397 for our next draw on Monday 9th October.

Only 27 cards left on the board and the Joker is behind one of them.

Christmas is coming, or so the supermarkets want us to believe, so nearly £400 will come in very helpful for someone.

As usual, the next draw is next Monday and it's the last chance to use your old £1 coins in the draw.  Empty your pockets, look inside the sofa, clear the piggy bank of the old coins and get your entries in.

The board now looks like this:

joker 021017

Week 25 Result

He really is there somewhere, but as yet no-one has found him.  Tam Glendinning got  the chance to try this week. We took a while to track Tam down but eventually we did and opted for card C5.  Gary flipped it and found the Queen of Hearts.  Tam wins £17 and the jackpot rises again to a very healthy £381. 

We are nearly half way through the pack, the jackpot is rising along with your chances of winning so get rid of your old £1 coins now and try and turn them into gold.  The old £1 coins go out of circulation in mid October.  There are only two  more draws before you can't use them any more.  Next week draw is on 2nd October

The board looks like this at the moment,

joker 250917

Week 24 Result

Another week and another no show for the Joker, however our weekly winner Ellis Rae picks up one of the highest weekly prizes to date at £23! Ellis chose E6 which revealed the 6 of Clubs meaning our Jackpot is now at £365. With 2 Open Competitions at the club this week the chances are next weeks prize will be even higher, so get your pound coins in for a chance to win!

Unfortunately, I can't track down a photo of this week's board but just imaging last week's board with E6 turned over.

There has to be a winner sometime, the odds of finding the joker if your name is picked are getting shorter all the time.  £365 is a £ for every day of the year, so that seems like a good omen for someone.  Give it go, invest a £1 or two or more.

Week 23 Result

It's week 23 in the search for Minto's joker.  We had a new weekly winner when Susan Law's name came out of the box on Tuesday.  There was then a game of hunt the winner and find a window for the drawmaster to return to the Clubhouse.  Everything's sorted now and we can reveal that Susan won £15 in the weekly draw and opted to turn over card C7.  Those of you who follow the saga on Facebook will have been waiting with baited breath until this evening, but will now already know that C7 was the Ace of Diamonds.

The hunt therefore goes on; the jackpot rises to £342 and the next round of Minto v The Joker will take place on Monday evening 18th September.  With the Fox & Hounds 36 hole Final on Saturday and the Ladies Lothian Rosebowl on Sunday there will be lots of members through the Clubhouse this weekend with plenty of opportunities to have a little flutter.  Only £1 a go.  Enter now!

So you know what cards remain, the picture below shows the current state of the board:

joker 110917

£342 is worth winning - give it a go!

Week 22 Result

We had a new weekly winner in the Joker this week, but it was another winner who didn't manage to find the Joker.  Congratulations to Sena Paterson who wins £18, Sena is another organised entrant who wrote her card choice on the envelope. C4 was flipped but only revealed the 7 of Clubs which means our jackpot is now up to £327, which you could use to pay a big chunk of next years fees, buy the new Taylormade M2 Driver, or 100 new Titleist Pro V1 balls!

Our next draw is on Tuesday 12th September as drawmaster Gary McDonagh is plying golf away next Monday.  That gives you an extra day to search out your £1 coins for entering in a draw that could potentially yield £327 in addition the weekly prize.  Good Luck!

The photograph below shows the current state of the board.  Think about which card you would turn over.

joker 040917


Week 21 result

Another week, another increase in the jackpot as the Joker continues to elude his searchers.  The  weekly winner on 28th August was Cathie Taylor who wins £17, Cathie decided to flip card E5 but it wasn't the Joker.  It was the Ace of Hearts so we continue on, the jackpot now breaking through the £300 mark!!  Our next draw is on Monday 4th September with a chance to win £309!! 

If you are chosen, the odds of finding the Joker improve every week, so to increase your chances of getting chosen why not put £2, £3 or  bit more into the draw.  £309 is worth winning.

The picture below shows which cards are still to be turned.  Switch on your X Ray vision and try and detect where the Joker is lurking.

Next Draw will take place on Monday 4th September - remember you have to be in it to win it.

joker 280817


Week 20 result

It's Joker time again and this week's winner was very organised.  Brian Cureton wrote the position of the card he wanted flipped on his envelope.  Brian chose card B7 bur when drawmaster Gary McDonagh turned it over it revealed only the 7 of Spades.  So that's twenty weeks gone and still no sign of our friendly joker.  Brian wins £13 and the jackpot rises to £293 for the draw next Monday.  Just think what you could do with £293. 

It's surely worth getting the £1 coins out of the safe and in into a Minto envelope.

All we need is a £1, your name and teephone number.  If you want to add the card you want flipped, please feel free to write that as well.  Study the photograph of the board below to see what is available.  If your name is drawn the odds are now 1 in 33 to find the Joker.

The next draw will take place on Monday 28th August with results going up on the Club Facebook page as soon as possible threafter with the website following along soon after.



Week 19 result

Just a quick text update this week as we don't have a picture of the board.  If we did have a picture it would just show another standard card overturned in position F7.  The Jack of Spades showed his face when Flora Kerr asked for that card to be flipped.  Flora wins £15 and the jackpot rises to £280. 

The Joker must be found sometime; your chances of winning get better every week if you're name is drawn from the box.  Give your £1 coins a day out and make your entries for next Monday's draw.  The odds are now one chance in thirty four.  That must be worth a flutter.

The Draw takes place around 5pm on a Monday with the outcome on the Club's Facebook page as soon as possible thereafter


Week 18 result

It was another week when we had a second time weekly winner - Mary Glendinning, but it was also another week when the Joker decided not to come out to play.  It was however, a bumper week for entries as there were two Opens played at the Club last week and that helped Mary to win £26.  Mary asked for card H4 to be turned. 

The tension rose as the card was flipped to reveal .... the 4 of Spades.

Where is the Joker?.  Perhaps you can find it now there are only 36 remaining to be flipped.  The Jackpot on Monday 14th August will be £265.  This really is worth winning.  Get you £s out and enter now.

The current state of the board is shown below:

joker 070817



Week 17 result

It's very nearly draw time again.  This Monday (7th August) the jackpot will be a stonking £240.  Sorry for the delay in highlighting last Monday's winner until now.  On Monday 31st July, Ross Pringle was the weekly winner, earning himself £12.  Ross chose to turnover the card in position D3 which revealed the King of Clubs, unfortunately not the elusive and shy Joker.  Get your £1 coins out - it's a great opportunity to put your old £1 coins to good use.  Remember they cease to be legal tender on 15th October. 

The result of the weekly draw appears first on Minto Golf Club's Facebook page sometime after 5pm on a Monday although the lucky weekly winner will get a phone call and a chance to flip a card before anything appears.

There are fewer and fewer cards remaining on the board which now looks like this: 17 cards have been selected so far, only 37 remain and one of them is the Joker.  Good luck!

joker 31 07 17


Week 16 result

Another second time weekly winner today - Pim McDonnell - but not even a first time Joker.  Pim wins £14 and the jackpot rises to £229 next week.  Pim chose to turn over the card sitting at A5 but all he found was the 9 of Spades.  The joker remains well and truly hidden.  Open your purses and wallets, get your money out and enter next week's draw.

The odds reduce again - this time you have 1 chance in 37 if you are picked out of the hat.  You can increase your chances of being picked out of the perspex box by buying extra chances - just £1 an envelope.

Someone's got to to win - you can't win if you don't play

The board now looks like this

joker 240717



Week 15 result

A bit of Shakespeare this week to highlight the fact that the Joker is still playing hard to get.  Tam Glendinning got the weekly jackpot of £16 but the card he flipped - E2 - revealed the 4 of Clubs.  The jackpot rises again and now stands at £215.  That must be worth a flutter or four.  Seek out the pound coins - old or new - and transfer them to envelopes on the bar.  Write your name and telephone number on the envelopes and drop tem in the perspex case ready for Gary to select a lucky winner next Monday.

Here's the board after tonight s draw

joker 170717

Week 14 result

Fourteen weeks have gone by since we started the search and still no show from the Joker (it is in there somewhere.....).  We had another repeat winner this week - Charlie Oliver - who gets £10.  Charlie asked for card G6 to be flipped which revealed the 7 of Diamonds!   We are now at a jackpot of £199 for next weeks draw.   Put your old pound coins to work; they will not be legal tender later this year.  Nearly £200 is worth a flutter of a £1 or three.

The odds get better again: 39-1 next week. 

Current state of the board is shown below:

joker 100717

Week 13 Result

We've been searching for that elusive Joker for 13 weeks now and we continue to be led a merry dance.  The winner this week, 3rd July, was Margaret Bland who earns £16 for herself.  Margaret asked for card D4 to be flipped.  Flipped it was, only to reveal the three of clubs.  The jackpot therefore rises again and £189 will be on offer next Monday.  As drawmaster Gary McDonagh observes on the Club's Facebook Page, that sum will come in very handy as a contribution towards next year's Club subscription.

The odds get better again: 40-1 next week.  Get your £s ready.


joker 030717




Week 12 Result

It's week 12 and the Minto Joker continues to play hide and seek and once again it's Joker 1 Minto 0.  Pim McDonnell, last year's Club Captain,  was given the chance to unearth the fiend this week.  Pim asked for Card F5 to be revealed.  When Gary turned it over it showed the Ace of Clubs.  Pim wins £13, the Golf Club continues to benefit and the jackpot rises to £174.  This really is a sum of money worth winning so get out your £1 coins and write your name and telephone number on an envelope before putting it in the glass box.  The odds are 41-1

The updated board is shown below:

joker 260617


Week 11 Result

There was £15 in the kitty for this weeks Joker winner, Helen Todd who becomes the second repeat winner of the weekly draw.  However, on Monday 19th June, Helen was unable to find the elusive Joker as she asked for card H1 to be turned over.  This revealed the 7 of Hearts. 

The jackpot rises again to £162.  The chances of winning get better every week so enter now for the next Draw on Monday 26th June.  The Club benefits from your participation so just put a £1 in an envelope or lots of pounds in lost of envelopes and take the opportunity to be a winner.

The board now looks like this:

joker 190617



Week 10 Result

It's week 10 of the Minto Joker search but the weather kept the punters away from the Clubhouse last week so the weekly jackpot this week is fairly small at only £7.  While the sun hid away so did the Joker when Monday's winner Joyce Michie chose a card to turn.  Joyce opted for card A7 and found the 8 of spades when it was turned over.  The jackpot therefore rises again to £147, a tidy sum of money that would be worth winning.

Odds are now 1 in 43, probably enough to tempt a few more people to part with a £1 or two in the Clubhouse this week.  Just put the money in the small envelope, write your name and phone number on the envelope and pop it in the glass box and you're in business.

The board is now as shown below.

joker 120617




Week 9 Result

Mary Glendinning was the lucky winner of the weekly Joker prize today (Monday 5th June).  Mary scooped £14 and asked for card B5 to be turned over.  This revealed the Queen of Diamonds which means the jackpot is now up to £140. The next draw is on Monday 12th June so get your entries in before then to be in with a chance.  As ever, your chances will be better next week, now it's 1 chance in 44

The board now looks like this:


joker 050617

Invest a £1 or two in the next seven days and you could walk away with £140 next week.

Week 8 Result

We had a first today (Monday 29th May) but it wasn't the first appearance of the Joker.  We had our first double individual winner when Viv Fairbairn's name was drawn out of the glass box.  Viv chose to turn over card A3.  An important card in many games was revealed - the Ace of Spades, but not the Joker we are looking for. 

Viv wins £13 and the Jackpot rises again to £127.

Entries cost just £1 and you can enter as many times as you wish.  Just put your  money in an envelope, write your name and phone number on the envelope and deposit the envelope in the glass box.  Someone's going to find the Joker.  It might be you.  Watch this pace next week.

The current state of the board is shown below:

joker 290517

Week 7 Result

Helen Todd was the winner of the Joker draw this week when Gary picked her name out of the glass box.  Helen selected card D5, but when it was turned over it revealed only the Two of Spades.  The Joker remains elusive and the Jackpot now rises to £114 for Monday 30th May. 

The chances of winning the Jackpot continue to improve every week.  It's one chance in 46 now.  Somebody's going to win it - it might be you.

joker 220517

Week 6 Result

The winner of the Minto Joker draw this week was Diane Hall who receives £16Diane chose the card at position D7.  Gary turned it to reveal the 10 of Clubs.  The Joker therefore remains hidden. Next Monday the Jackpot will be £101 and if your name gets drawn you have one chance in 47 of winning the big money.

If you are going to Race Night this evening why not put your winnings on the Joker.


joker 160517

Details of how to play are given below the Week1 results further down this page.

Week 5 Result

Viv Fairbairn's name was pulled from the hat in the latest draw for the Minto joker. Viv benefits by £12 and chose to turn the card at D1 to try and boost her winnings.  The Joker remained undetected as turning D1 revealed only the 2 of Diamonds.   The Jackpot rises once more to reach £85 should the Joker be found in the next Draw which will  take place in a couple of weeks time on Monday 15th May.  The Jackpot becomes more and more attractive as time goes on Your chances of winning the jackpot if your are drawn out of the hat is now 1 in 48 (47 normal cards left plus the Joker). 

Week 4 Result

Susan Law was the winner in the fourth draw of the Joker.  Susan wins £10.  She asked for card G7 to be turned and this revealed the King of Hearts, The Jackpot therefore rises again and now sits at £73.  The next draw is scheduled for Monday 1st May.  With the Jackpot rising now is the time to enter.  Your chances of winning the jackpot if your are drawn out of the hat is now 1 in 49 (48 normal cards left plus the Joker). 

joker 240417


Week 3 Result

Gordon Ferguson won the weekly prize in the Jackpot this week [week commencing 17th April]. Gordon wins £10, but he chose to flip card G1 which was the the ten of hearts.  The jackpot therefore rises again - this time to £63 . Next week's winner could be you. However, you have to be 'In It To Win It' as some catchphrase goes..   Just put £1 into an envelope and place it in the glass box at the Lounge bar entrance. You can put in as many envelopes as you wish. For more details about the Joker and names of winners so far, see the stories further below.



joker 170417

Week 2 Result

Congratulations to Janice Cambridge whose envelope was drawn out of the hat tonight.  Janice won £10 immediately but unfortunately she missed out on identifying the joker when she picked what turned out to be the eight of diamonds.  The jackpot now rises to £53 - next week's winner could be you.  Just put £1 into an envelope and place it in the glass box at the Lounge bar entrance. For more details about the Joker see the background below.

 joker 100417

Week 1 result

We have our first weekly winner on "Minto's Find The Joker"- congratulations to Charlie Oliver who wins £18. Unfortunately for Charlie, as the picture below shows, the card he turned was the 2 of Hearts. The hunt for the joker continues and the Jackpot is now up to £43 for next weeks draw!! If you are up at the club this week why not have a go, you might be lucky enough to find our Joker!! 

Income of £54 this week is split three ways, £18 to Charlie, £18 added to the jackpot and £18 to club development funds. With a bigger jackpot next week, it will be worth investing a £1 or two or more …



joker 020417

What's the Joker all about?

If you are wondering what the Joker is you can learn all about it in the Clubhouse you will notice a glass case to your right as you enter the Lounge Bar.  This is the home of the Minto Joker.  The Joker concept is used as a fund raising initiative by many Clubs like Minto.  The idea is simple.  52 cards plus 1 Joker are placed unseen face down inside the locked frame.  The cards are placed at random and blindly so no one knows the location of the Joker.

To participate you should place your name and phone number on one of the envelopes provided, insert your entry of £1 and place it inside the lockable ballot box below the glass frame.

Each Monday at 5pm entries for the previous week will close and a random envelope will be drawn from the box.

This entry drawn will automatically win the weekly cash prize and the entrant will get a chance to turn a card on the board.

jokerShould they turn the Joker they will win the Jackpot cash prize.  If they turn any other card over then that card will be written with weekly winner's name and placed face up on the board.  The Jackpot will rollover to the next week until it is won.

There is no limit to the number of entries you can make in any one week.

First draw on Monday 3rd April

The prize fund will be divided as follows: one third of weekly entries will go towards the prize for that week, one third will be added to the Jackpot and one third will go to the Club Development Fund.

The competition is open to 16 year-olds and over only

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