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Current online entries fo the Ladies Medal No 4 on Tuesday 3rd July
Flora Kerr18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Carolyn Oliver18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Joyce Michie18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Marilyn Adams18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Nancy Allinson18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Joyce Corbett18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Susan Law18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Joan English18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Janice Cambridge18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Marion King18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Trish Kirkpatrick18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Janice Cambridge18 holesWithdrawal
Janice Cambridge18 holesEntry17:00-17:40
Sena Paterson18 holesEntry17:00-17:40
Anne Paterson18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Janice Cambridge18 holesWithdrawal
Sena Paterson18 holesWithdrawal
Joan English18 holesWithdrawal
Janice Cambridge18 holesEntry
Sena Paterson18 holesEntry
Joan English18 holesEntry
Cherry Thom18 holesEntry
Margaret Bland18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Joyce Corbett18 holesWithdrawal
Joyce Corbett18 holesWithdrawal
Maureen Robson18 holesEntry09:00-09:40
Mary Hart18 holesEntry09:00-09:40