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Current online entries fo the Ladies Marie Curie on Thursday 21st June
Test Entrant9 holesWithdrawal17:00-17:40
Joyce Michie18 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Joyce Michie18 holesWithdrawal
Marion King18 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Christine Fitz-Gerald18 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Joyce Michie18 holesEntry17:00-17:40
Joyce Michie18 holesWithdrawal17:00-17:40
Joyce Michie18 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Mary Walker18 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Carole Allott18 holesEntry17:00-17:40
Lynn Bruce18 holesEntry17:00-17:40
Carole Allott18 holesWithdrawal
Kaija Sanford18 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Irene Middlemiss18 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Maureen Robson18 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Agnes Mather9 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Linda Geatons18 holesEntry10:00-10:40
Janice Cambridge18 holesEntry17:00-17:40