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Draw for the Gents Hole Cup 2018

Updated to 17th August

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Eric English
> Ron Elliot
Ron Elliot
   > Ron Elliot
John Law
>  John Law
Albert Thompson
Andrew Limmer
Andrew Limmer
>  Andrew Limmer
Jim Adams
   > Andrew Limmer
George Thom
> Benny Hartop
Benny Hartop
Allan Learmonth
> Allan Learmonth      
Jamie Richardson
   > Allan Learmonth
Tommy Mulvee
> Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson
     > Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson
 > Andrew Richardson
Craig Black
  > Andrew Richardson
  > Champion
Craig Smith
> Craig Smith
Ross Pringle
Gary McDonagh
 > Richard Allott
Richard Allott
  > Brian Allan
Brian Allan
> Brian Allan
David Richardson
     > Brian Allan
Angus Towers
 > Angus Towers
Ian Lister
   > Stefan Laidlaw
Angus Scott
> Stefan Laidlaw
Stefan Laidlaw
       > 2  
Drew Minto
 > Ricky Tait
 Ricky Tait
  > Peter Gibb
 Peter Gibb
 > Peter Gibb
James Gillespie
     > Stewart Mabon
 Gordon Ferguson
 > Stewart Mahon      
Stewart Mabon
   >  Stewart Mabon
Ron Gray
 > Sid Huddart
Sid Huddart