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Minto Opens 2016

Entries for all Minto Opens in 2016 are now closed.  Please return early in the new year to enter our Opens in 2017

There are a variety of ways of entering Minto Opens.

You have the option of entering through:

  1. 1.The BRS booking system [this requires credit or debit card details but you know exactly what time you are booking]. This year WE MAY take the money off the cards but not until a week or two before the competition.  The Start Lists will indicate whether and when we have taken the money or not.
  2. 2.A Minto website competition form [no credit card details, but you may not get exactly the time you want if you book very late. The BRS system is real time booking, the Minto website has a delay before the booking detail is copied into the BRS system]. Payment for entries through the Minto website forms will be taken on the day of the Competition.
  3. 3.Using a paper form that you can download through a link. Inevitably there will be a postal and administrative delay in your entry being loaded into the Master Start List and the tee-times you want may have been taken in the interim. Cheques will be required with paper entries.

The Start Lists for all Opens will be updated as Entries are received. These lists can be viewed through the links below or by clicking the View the Open Start Lists link on the website Home Page.

To make an entry, click on the relevant BRS, Form or Paper link in the Table below

If you are viewing this page on a mobile device you may need to scroll right to see all the Enter and View buttons

Competitions Remaining in 2016


Start Lists

We regret that due to a combination of circumstances we have had to abandon plans to hold the Senior Ladies Team Open this year