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Gents Results 2014

Mixed Billy Hughes Memorial Trophy - Saturday 29th March

1st: Gill Cartwright, Albert Thompson, Tom Hartop and Joseph Flynn - Gross 63, Net 55.4

2nd: Agnes Mather, Brian Howden, Ron Elliot and Robert Johnson - Gross 66, Net 57.7

Old Course Cup - Saturday 12th April

1st Steve Sharkey 85-21=64

2nd Richard Allott 74-7=67 (second on countback) also Lowest Gross

3rd Jim McVee 95-28=67 (third on countback)

4th Craig Douglas 89-22=67 (fourth on countback)

Ian Learmonth also had lowest gross of 74

Famous Grouse Foursomes - Sunday 13th April

1st Barry and David Whiteley 79-12=67

2nd George Thom and Jimmy Geatons 87-18=69

3rd Billy Mackenzie and Graeme Arres 80-10=70

Spring Competition, Fox & Hounds No 2 - Saturday 19th April

1st Craig Black 79-18=61

2nd Barry Whiteley 79-16=63

3rd Ali Elliot 77-13=64

Lowest Gross was returned by Peter Gibb on 73

Clubhouse Trophy - Saturday 26th April

1st Stewart Paisley 77-16=61

2nd Iain Oliver 69-5=64

3rd A Stevenson 83-18=65

Scratch competition was won by James Gillespie with 73

Tuesday Stableford No 1 - Tuesday 6th May

1st Tommy Mulvee 39 points

2nd Ron Gray 36 points

3rd Brian Cureton 35 points

May Medal, Fox & Hounds No 3 - Saturday 10th May

1st Stuart Taylor 84-18=66 after count back

2nd Andrew Johnston 79-13=66

3rd David Miller 83-16=67 after count back

Lowest gross was returned by Iain Oliver on 73

Seniors May Medal - Monday 12th May

1st David Miller 80-16=64

2nd Tam Glendinning 82-17=65

3rd Tom Hartop 86-19=67

Lowest gross returned by David Miller with 80

Tuesday Stableford No 2 - Tuesday 13th May

1st Stewart Mabon 41 points

2nd Stuart Taylor 40 points

3rd Tommy Mulvee 37 points after count back

Tuesday Stableford No 3 - Tuesday 20th May

1st Fred Stevenson 40 points

2nd Gordon Ferguson 39 points

3rd Ron Elliot 38 points

Ally Whillans Memorial Trophy, Fox & Hounds No 4, Championship Qualifier No 1

1st Derek Jardine 71-5=66 after count back

2nd Richard Allott 73-7=66

3rd Derek Willison 81-14=67

Lowest gross was shot by Derek Jardine with 71

Tuesday Stableford No 4 - Tuesday 27th May

David Howden 38 points after countback

Ross Taylor 38 points

Ron Elliot 37 points

June Medal, Fox & Hounds No 5, Chanpionship Qualifier No 2 - Saturday 31st May

1st Neil Douglas 75-11=64 after countback

2nd Craig Smith 71-7=64 after countback

3rd David Whiteley 72-8=64

Lowest gross was shot by Craig Smith with 71

Seniors June Medal - Monday 2nd June

1st Gordon Wilks 83-17=66

2nd Michael Cooper 98-28=70 after countback

3rd Stewart Mabon 86-16-70 after countback

Lowest gross was shot by Gordon Wilks with 83

Tuesday Stableford No 5 - Tuesday 3rd June

1st Ian Elliot 38 points after countback

2nd Craig Smith 38 points

3rd Stewart Paisley 37 points

Summer Competition, Fox & Hounds No 6, Championship Qualifier No 3 - Saturday 14th June

1st Stuart Taylor 77-16=61

2nd Brian Howden 69-6=63

3rd Andrew Richardson 64-20=64 after countback

Lowest gross was shot by Brian Howden with 69

Tuesday Stableford No 7 - Tuesday 17th June (Stableford No 6 was rained off)

1st Neil Douglas 42 points

2nd Drew Minto 37 points after countback

3rd Ross Taylor after countback

July Medal, Fox & Hounds No 7 - Monday 30th June 2014

1st David Miller 82-15=67 after countback

2nd Ross Pring;e 79-12=67 after countback

3rd Tommy Mulvee 83-14=69

Lowest gross was shot by Rory Latta with 78

Tuesday Stableford No 8 - Tuesday 1st July

1st David Whiteley 37 points

2nd Adam Nichol 36 points

3rd Paul Inglis 36 points

Gents Captain's Prize - Saturday 5th July

1st Graeme Lothian 76-18=58

2nd Rory Latta 73-6=67

3rd Gary McDonagh 75-8=67

Lowest gross was shot by Fraser Mortimer with 72

April Medal, Fox & Hounds No 1 (rescheduled) - Sunday 6th July

1st Sid Huddart 81-18=63

2nd David Wear 82-17=65

3rd Jock Rae 83-17=66

Lowest gross was shot by Rory Latta with 75

Seniors July Medal - Monday 7th July

1st Tam Glendinning 79-16=63

2nd Ray Johnston 81-13=68 after countback

3rd Shay Diggin 82-14=68

Lowest gross was shot by Tam Glendinning with 79

Tuesday Stableford No 9 - Tuesday 8th July

1st Andrew Thom 43 points

2nd Ross Pringle 39 points

3rd Brian Cureton 38 points

Tuesday Stableford No 10 - Tuesday 15th July

1st Andrew Richardson 41 points

2nd Iain Oliver 41 points

3rd Ian Elliot 39 points

Holiday Stableford No 1 - Sunday 20th July

1st Stewart Paisley 41 points

2nd Stuart Taylor 39 points

3rd Craig Elliot 39 points

Holiday Stableford No 2 - Saturday 26th July

1st Andrew Richardson 43 points

2nd Ross Templemann 42 points

3rd Ross Aitken 39 points

August Medal, Fox & Hounds No 8 - Saturday 9th August

1st Ross Taylor 78-19=59

2nd David Whiteley 66-6=60

3rd Craig Elliot 83-20=63

Lowest gross was shot by David Whiteley with 66

Seniors August Medal - Monday 11th August

1st Tom Hartop 82-16=66

2nd Jock Henderson 86-19-67

3rd Duncan Shiell 88-20=68

Lowest gross was shot by Tom Hartop with 82

Tuesday Stableford No 11 - Tuesday 12th August

1st Bob Kellett 38 points

2nd Bob Hope 37 points

3rd Rory Latta 37 points

Tuesday Stableford No 12 - Tuesday 19th August

1st Ian Learmonth 41 points

2nd Craig Black 40 points

3rd William Russell 39 points

Stewart & Paula Aitchison Memorial Trophy - Saturday 23rd August

1st Angus Towers 78-11=67

2nd Ross Pringle 78-11=67

3rd Brian Howden 74-6=68

Lowest gross was shot by Brian Howden with 68

Autumn Competition, Fox & Hounds No 9 - Sunday 24th August

1st Andrew Johnston 78-13=65

2nd Stewart Paisley 78-12=66

3rd Ross Taylor 81-15=66

Lowest gross was shot by Rory Latta with 73

September Medal, Fox & Hounds No 10 - Saturday 30th August

 1st Craig Black 81-15=66 after countback

2nd Andrew Johnston 78-12=66

3rd Adam Nichol 88-21=67

Lowest gross was shot by Fraser Mortimer with 74

Seniors September Medal - Monday 1st September

1st Angus Scott 79-13=66

2nd Sid Huddart 82-16=66

3rd David Miller 83-15=68

Lowest gross was shot by Angus Scott with 79

Fox & Hounds Final 1st Round - Saturday 13th September

1st Ross Templeman 74-11=63

2nd Craig Elliot 82-18=64

3rd James Gillespie 70-5=65 after countback

Lowest gross was shot by James Gillespie with 70

Fox & Hounds Final 2nd Round - Saturday 13th September

1st Peter Gibb 67-5=62

2nd Kerr Scott 71-7=64

3rd Iain Oliver 70-5=65

Lowest gross was shot by Peter Gibb with 67

Fox & Hounds Final Overall - Saturday 13th September

1st Peter Gibb 66+62=128

2nd Stuart Taylor 65+68=133 after countback

3rd James Gillespie 65+68=133

The Scratch Prize was won by Iain Oliver 77+70=147

Minto Gents Open - Saturday 20th September

Peter Gibb (Minto) 67-4=63

Dimitris Magliveras (Mortonhall) 91-27=64

Angus Scott (Minto) 78-13=65 after countback

The Scratch Prize was won by Donald Ballantyne (Selkirk) with 71, after countback

Seniors October Medal - Monday 22nd September

1st Bruce Elliot 84=18=68

2nd David Miller 82-15=67

3rd Ray Johnson 82-14=68 after countback

Lowest gross was shot by David Miller and Ray Johnson with 82