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Fox and Hounds Qualifiers 2018

The rules for qualification for the Fox & Hounds Final are given below the list of qualifiers.

As of12th August after the August Medal,David Marchbanks Memorial Trophy,  Fox & Hounds No 8,  the list of guaranteed qualifiers for the 36 Hole Fox & Hounds finals on Saturday 15th September, is as follows. 

The guaranteed qualifiers are:

Richard Allott [2nd F&H 2]

John Craig [2nd F&H 4]

Ron Elliot [2nd F&H 7]

Eric English [3rd F&H 7]

Peter Gibb [1st F&H 1], [1st F&H 5], [1st F&H 8]

Benny Hartop [3rd F&H 4]

Stefan Laidlaw [2nd F&H 1], [1st F&H 3] ,[2nd F&H 8]

Andrew Limmer [3rd F&H 1]

Ian Lister [3rd F&H 3]

Stewart Mabon [3rd F&H 6]

Alister Mackenzie [1st F&H 7]

Fraser Mortimer [3rd F&H 2]

Ross Nichol [1st F&H 4], [2nd F&H 5]

Stewart Paisley [1st F&H 2]

Jock Rae [1st F&H 6]

Andrew Richardson [2nd F&H 3]

Barry Scott [2nd F&H 5]

Kerr Scott [3rd F&H 8]

Duncan Shiell [2nd F&H 6]


The Fox & Hounds Trophy shall be played as a handicap stroke event over 36 holes.

A sweepstake shall be held on this event. Payment of the sweepstake is a condition of entry.

Entry to this event shall be gained by:

  • The first three golfers in each of the Monthly Medals, and other Competitions designated as Fox & Hounds qualifying events on the Fixture Card (possibly 30 qualifiers)
  • The winners and runners up in all three Championship classes (6 qualifiers)
  • The winner and runner up in the Hole Competition (2 qualifiers)
  • The winning pair and runners up in the Pye Lyle Foursomes Competition (4 qualifiers)

The list of qualifiers for this event shall be supplemented to a maximum of 42. If the numbers fall below the maximum number, the players with the greatest number of points will gain entry to this event. See the Points Trophy sheet for the yea [this is being maintained on the website[].

The points list shall be used to provide a list of reserves, should qualified players be unable to play.

In the event of ties in the Point List, the man gaining his points in the least number of events shall be deemed to be the leading player.

The Captain and the Competition Secretary shall be invited to take part should either not have otherwise qualified. This shall be over and above the maximum number specified above. The landlord of the Fox and Hounds will be invited to play if he so wishes (45 participants).  

In the event of a tie, the winner shall be the player having the better 2nd round, followed by the last 9, last 6, last 3, last hole and on to the first round if necessary.

Prizes will be awarded for the morning round, the afternoon round, and the overall winner.

No player can win more than one prize from the morning and one prize from the afternoon rounds, but may be eligible to win the overall prize.

Prizes will be awarded for Scratch and handicap.

The rules state that the remaining qualifiers are determined from the Points Trophy

For current Points Trophy standings click here