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Club History

Minto Golf Club was founded in 1928 and the course was constructed over a period of 4 years. It was designed as a 9 hole course and was first played in 1933. The clubhouse at the time stood on the ground adjacent to the 15th green at the lower end of the present 18 hole course. In 1973 more land was acquired and 10 new holes brought in to play in 1977.  A short par 3 was dropped from the original 9 holes.

In 1992 a new clubhouse was built with assistance from some of the members. The panoramic view from the windows and terracing are very much admired and appreciated by visitors to the Club.

The most prominent feature in view is Ruberslaw Hill. This peak (1392 feet) was made famous during the period of the Covenanters. Secret meetings were held at the top of the hill at a place known as Pedens Pulpit, named after Alexander Peden who wore a ghoulish mask to protect his identity. (The mask is on view in the Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.)

Further alterations were made in 1999 to the 4th & 5th holes with construction of a completely new 8th hole. This hole was officially opened in 2001 by Mrs. R. Oliver, the wife of the late Mr. J.K.M. Oliver, a well known racehorse trainer and past Captain of Minto Golf Club.  Mr. Oliver was known to his many friends as the ‘Benign Bishop’, hence the name of the 8th hole.

Further improvements to the course have been made in 2005 through 2007 with new tees and bunkers strategically positioned resulting in the standard scratch being raised to 68. See course layout for further details.